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About Us

DOLPHINS & DOVES PTE LTD. is an alliance between the buyers and suppliers of agricultural commodities worldwide. We deliver the best quality of our products to all our satisfied buyers who count on us for our reliability and dependability. We are known in the market as a trustworthy partner who benefits both the suppliers as well as the buyers. Hence we are suppliers to some of the leading companies around the globe.


Our team members have experience of over 20 years in this field. We are particularly strong in the Asian region where we have our own specialized procurement team, for instance, we have a good team in India to source different items like rapeseed meal, soya bean meal, yellow & White corn, Sesame seed, Millet, Guar Korma Meal, etc.,. We also have an equally qualified team in Myanmar which helps us procure Yellow Corn, sugar, broken rice, beans & pulses, etc


Our company has direct affiliations with many reliable factories which enable us to procure directly from the source and get the best price for the items we trade in. This also helps us to maintain the best quality of our products and also to fulfill all our commitments timely.

Being in Singapore, the shipping hub of Asia, we are in a good position to command competitive freight levels for all our shipments. We also have very good relationship with leading shipping lines. We get priority in the containers as shipping lines like our way of work and prefer to give us containers.

Import and export of agricultural commodities involve complex documentation, with each country having their separate guidelines. We have vast experience in this field which helps us eliminate any complications in the documentation process. We make sure that working with our company is a pleasure for our buyers.

We hope to get your enquiry about our products soon and that we become your regular supplier so that we can get associated with your esteemed company!!

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